Since this weekend is Halloween, we wanted to share some of the most common hazards your dog could face during the spooky season. Keep reading to see what you should be aware of this Halloween to keep your dog safe! 


If you read our blog post last week, you got  some DIY dog costume ideas. While dressing your pet up can be lots of fun, you’ll want to make sure that your dog is comfortable in their costume beforehand. It’s a good idea to do some desensitization with them and their costume ahead of time, and unfortunately if they seem to be uncomfortable you may have to scrap the costume altogether. Even if your pup seems comfortable, it is important not to leave them unattended in their costume. Keep a close watch to make sure they aren’t chewing on any parts of the costume - if there are any strings or dangling parts like bells these are extra enticing to chew on! 

Chocolate And Candies

This danger is one you’re probably aware of! The darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is to your dog, and the amount that can be safely ingested before becoming toxic is dependent on the weight of your dog. The safest thing to do is make sure your chocolate and candy is kept well away from your pup. It’s important to keep candy away from your dog too, especially if they contain the artificial sweetener Xylitol as this is highly toxic. Even empty candy or chocolate wrappers can cause an issue! If your dog eats these, which they may be tempted to do since they will still smell like whatever treat was in there, they can cause an intestinal blockage. 


A less commonly known food risk to your dog is raisins. Grapes can be highly toxic, although it is unknown why or what causes this toxicity. It also seems to only affect some dogs, but can cause organ failure so it’s best to keep your dog away from them just to be safe


Decorations and pumpkins can be a hazard to your dog too. Keep a close eye on any electrical cords. Pumpkins are totally safe for your pup to eat, but you shouldn’t let them get into any mouldy or painted pumpkins. There has also been a hack going around the internet to use bleach to extend the life of your pumpkin. Make sure you keep it safely away from your dog if you have treated it with bleach due to the high toxicity of bleach. 


If you’re having a party with alcohol around, ensure that your dog doesn’t get into any spilled liquor. Sweeter drinks can be particularly appealing to your dog, and if they are a “counter surfer” they may even drink right out of an unattended glass. If your pup does get into alcohol, you may notice a loss of coordination, vomiting, and weakness. In severe cases, alcohol consumption can lower their temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cause changes in breathing and heart rate. 

Pet Loss

Halloween is one of the most important nights to be vigilant about pet loss prevention. If you have trick or treaters coming to your door, it is a good idea to keep your dog on a leash or in a separate room to avoid them escaping through an open door. It is also a good idea to keep a collar and ID tag on your pet, and making sure they are microchipped is even better! If you want more information on microchipping, you can read a blog post about it here

Halloween is a holiday that you and your dog can both enjoy together, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry... so keep these hazards top of mind!  

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay curious,

Happy howl-o-ween #healthygang!,

  • The healthybud team