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Congratulations on welcoming a new small, furry companion into your life! Now comes the exciting task of finding the perfect name that reflects their adorable  personality. To help you in this delightful quest, we've compiled a list of 25 names that will make your furry friend the talk of the town. Get ready to fall in love with these cute and trendy names for your pup! 🐶

🧸 Teddy: A classic name that captures cuddliness & charm. 

🌙 Luna: Mystical & enchanting, this name is perfect for your dazzling companion. 

🐾 Milo: A playful & mischievous name that suits any small fluffy ball of energy. 

🌸 Poppy: Bubbly & vibrant, this name captures the essence of a joyful dog. 

🎩 Oliver: A trendy & timeless name for a dog with a dashing personality.

🌼 Daisy: Delicate & cheerful, just like a beautiful flower in bloom. 

🕶️ Archie: A cool  name for your small fluffy buddy with a bit of attitude. 

💎 Jade: A name that shines bright, just like your small fluffy gem. 

⛰️ Finn: Short, sweet, and full of character, perfect for an adventurous companion. 

👑 Stella: A name that gives elegance & grace for your refined furry friend. 

🤝 Charlie: Classic & friendly, this name suits a sociable and lovable pup. 

🌿 Willow: For the small fluffy dog with a calm & gentle character. 

🦁 Leo: Confident & charismatic, this name is ideal for a dog with a big personality. 

💖 Penny: Cute & endearing, just like a shiny copper coin. 

💪 Max: A strong & powerful name for a small dog with a big heart. 

🥗 Olive: Quirky & unique, perfect for an one of a kind pup. 

🎩 Louie: To bring a sense of sophistication & charm.

🌼 Daffodil: capturing the essence of sweetness & innocence. 

🔥 Jasper: A trendy and edgy name for a small dog with a bold personality. 

👑 Bella: Simple yet elegant, a name that suits a small fluffy princess. 👑

🎭 Oscar: A name that exudes a sense of sophistication and flair. 

🌈 Skye: A name that embodies nature's grace and tranquility. 

🌴 Rio: Energetic and full of life, a name that suits a playful bundle of joy. 

💎 Opal: Sweet and luminous, just like a precious gemstone. 

🥜 Peanut: Adorable and petite, just like your little fluffy nut. 

Choose the name that resonates with you and your small fluffy dog's personality the most. Remember, it's all about finding a name that brings a smile to your face and captures the unique spirit of your furry companion. Happy naming, and may you and your small fluffy friend embark on many joyful adventures together! 🌟

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