There are so many amazing ingredients that are available for us to feed our dogs. However, you may have noticed that many of the supplements or treats on the market have the same ingredients. There’s nothing wrong with tried and true, but why not take advantage of all the powerful superfoods? 

One of these unique ingredients you may not have realized is dog safe (and super healthy!) are pumpkin seeds! Here’s some of the many benefits of this small but mighty seed:

Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds:

  • high in fibre (can help with weight loss and digestive issues)
  • high in magnesium (crucial for good bone health)
  • contain lots of lipids (great for lowering cholesterol)
  • contain antioxidants and fatty acids (aid in good urinary health)
  • provide great anti-inflammatory benefits due to their high Omega-3 content, which along with the high magnesium content is a great tool for battling joint pain and diseases such as arthritis
  • source of vitamins E and K (help improve cardiac health) 
  • contain potassium (helps support the muscular system), zinc (for a healthy immune system), iron and phosphorus (supporting red blood cells), and calcium (for strong bones and teeth). 

How Can You Incorporate Them Into Your Dog’s Diet?

Pumpkin seeds are definitely a dog safe food, but do need to be prepared accordingly. You should avoid giving your pup salted pumpkin seeds, and make sure you clean and peel them first. It is a good idea to roast them as well since raw pumpkin seeds can go rancid quickly. It is best to start with a small amount and slowly increase them, but remember everything is best in moderation! 

It’s also always a good idea to check in with your veterinarian before adding anything new to your dog’s diet. You can grind up the pumpkin seeds and mix it into your pup’s food. Alternatively, you can incorporate any of the healthybud boosters (gut, joint, or calming) as all three of these contain this powerhouse ingredient! 

Keep tuning in to our weekly blogs to find out about more unusual and powerful ingredients that can help your pup to thrive, naturally!