Something super exciting just happened: healthybud launched its first line of food! This has been a dream since healthybud’s inception, to provide nutrition to help your bud thrive and it’s been over a year in the making. We know that the world of nutrition is confusing and often overwhelming (from raw diets, frozen, dehydrated, gently cooked, freeze-dried, kibble, etc.) so let’s break down what makes healthybud’s freeze-dried raw stand out. 

Quality And Convenience

At healthybud, quality comes first. Our freeze-dried diet retains the highest nutritional value. When foods are cooked at a high temperature (which occurs in the process of creating kibble, and in some dehydrated diets), they lose nutrients. Freeze-drying is a process where the product is frozen and then placed under pressure to remove moisture. The product undergoes a process called sublimation which means the food goes right from being in a frozen (solid) state to a gaseous state, skipping over the liquid state. Our ingredients are frozen at their peak and never cooked so that all of their nutritional value is retained. Freeze-drying preserves raw foods so they have a much longer shelf life, removes the need for storing bulky products in your freezer, and makes it much more convenient to transport. 

Fresh Antioxidant-Rich Ingredients

Dogs are omnivores, and although we know that meat is a crucial part of their diet, some other raw diets on the market exclude the importance of fruits and veggies. This leads to unbalanced diets and misses the opportunity to provide immune-boosting and nutrient-rich ingredients for your pup. When a wild canine eats, they also absorb nutrients from the vegetables in the stomach of the prey animal. Healthybud’s meals are made of 85% real meat and organs and 15% fruits, vegetables and superfoods. We use no grains, corn, wheat, artificial colors or preservatives. Each and every ingredient is specifically selected for its benefit to promote a healthy immune system for long-term health and wellness. By including healing foods in our formulations, we’re able to promote the proper utilization of these foods and aid in the healthy growth of bones, teeth, and the evolution of internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs and liver. This will in turn help in the prevention of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, skin problems, cancer and much more. We also use locally-sourced ingredients from Wisconsin farms. 

Backed By Experts

Healthybud’s line of freeze-dried foods were created with the insight and expertise of our amazing team of veterinarians, nutritionists and the University of British Columbia. 

Safe And Easy To Feed

Although raw food diets offer many health benefits, there are some concerns with feeding these diets. If they are frozen, they can take up a significant amount of your freezer space, and defrosting is time-consuming. Both frozen and fresh raw diets can present a higher risk of pathogens. With our proprietary freeze-drying method, the pathogen risk is practically eliminated. We offer our turkey and beef freeze-dried diets in both patties and bites. The patties are great for a dog that likes a softer texture of food, and can be rehydrated in as little as 60 seconds by simply adding some warm water. This is also a great option for pups who need a little extra water intake! The bites are a great alternative if your bud prefers a crunchier texture, or if they’re transitioning off of kibble. They’re easy to store, have a longer shelf-life, and take the mess out of raw feeding. 

Healthybud freeze-dried food offers all the powerful benefits of raw while still giving you the convenience of kibble. Using a unique combination of superfoods and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help strengthen your dog’s immune system and maintain a long and healthy life, this diet will help your pup thrive! Don’t forget to check in next week to learn more about what freeze-drying is and why we chose this method! 

\Healthybud’s Beef Freeze-Dried Dog Food is formulated to exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages*