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If you’re in a multi-pet household, you know it’s important to choose healthy pet foods for both your cat and your dog. Different animals have different health and nutrition needs, and it’s important to choose foods that fit the needs of your particular buds.

But there are also plenty of foods that are healthy and safe for dogs and cats! Choosing treats that work for both types of pet saves money and time. Read on to learn more about foods and ingredients all of your furry family members will enjoy.

🍖 High-protein treats

To find treats that work for cats and dogs, look for options with a lot of protein. Single-ingredient treats with meat from seafood or mammals will be a hit with dogs and cats both.

With just one high-protein ingredient, healthybud’s Cod Skins and Beef Lung treats are a great choice for both cats and dogs. You can break each treat into several pieces for easier feeding for smaller animals.

🍠 Fruits and vegetables

Several fruits and vegetables are safe for both cats and dogs. The list includes sweet potato, banana, pumpkin, spinach, and apple. 

Remember: Onions, avocado, raisins, garlic, grapes, shallots, and scallions are unsafe for both dogs and cats!

healthybud’s single-ingredient Banana Crisps and Sweet Potato treats are safe for cats and dogs. If the pieces are too big for your cat or smaller pup, chop or cut them up. 

❓ #DYK?

Unlike dogs, cats are carnivores. That means they must eat meat to survive, and they don’t have a nutritional need for carbs. Some fruits and vegetables are safe for cats as a treat, here and there. But make sure those treats don’t displace their protein-rich meals.

It’s important to make treats only a small part of any cat or dog’s diet, to make sure they get the nutrients they need for good health from their meals.

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DISCLAIMER: The information presented here is not meant to replace your vet’s advice or prescribed medications, but only to suggest additional options to explore, based on your dog’s condition.

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