At healthybud, we make every effort to ensure that we operate in a manner that is aligned with our brand values. Giving back to the global pet community is an important part of our corporate initiative. 

As part of our corporate initiative we donate 1% of our profits to impactful not-for-profit organizations; that do everything they can in order to make a difference in pets' lives. When a customer purchases from healthybud, they help provide homes to pets in need. We also work with our community and partners to raise awareness and help find loving homes for abandoned pets.

For the calendar year 2019-2020, we’re thrilled to partner with HelpAWS, a not-for-profit organization in St-Lucia that focuses on rescue and adoption. There is a serious issue of animal overpopulation on the island resulting in many animals being born into horrendous conditions. To date, HelpAWS has sent hundreds of rescued dogs back to loving adoptive families across North America.  

Like HelpAWS, we envision a future where every adoptable animal has a responsible, loving home free from neglect and abuse. Together we have decided to join forces in an effort to educate and inspire pet owners as well as provide shelter to abused and/or abandoned animals.