The most effective way to train obedience is by teaching dogs what you like them to do, as opposed to reprimanding what you don’t. The best method? Through positive reinforcement or reward.

What kind?

  1. Yummy treats - is always a good bet! ;)
  2. Affirmations (‘Good Boy/Girl!) or ‘click’ (if click training)
  3. Playtime (with their favorite toy)
  4. Any other activity that gets your pup attention or gets them excited and happy!

If your dog is behaving in ways you don’t like, consequences must be immediate in order for them to be effective (this will ensure they can make the immediate connection regarding what they did wrong). Consequences should also be consistent however and importantly, you should not harm your animal. Consequences can simply be giving your dog a “time out”, or not giving them what they want.

Helpful Tips

  • Keep small treats nearby (or in your pocket if you’re on the go). This will ensure that a reward is always ready and will engrain positive reinforcement in your dog’s mind to provide quicker results!
  • Practice everywhere, with everyone. Dogs don’t automatically apply their knowledge in different environments and situations like we do. Work on the same training practices in as many different environments as possible.

Keep In Mind

Dog’s don’t have long attention spans. Keep training sessions short and sweet. Go for no more than 15 minutes, and start with baby steps!

Fun Fact

Did you know that well trained dogs have better bonds with their human? Those that do not train their pets can get annoyed with their bad behaviors, which can even lead to extreme measures like giving your pet up for adoption