Today, more people are working from home and dog ownership continues to rise. We’ve seen a rise in doggy day care and walking services because parents are busy and can’t get out enough for the walks or dog park trips our pups need. As pet parents, we all quickly learn that a tired dog is a happy and healthy dog.

So, here are some of the best games & exercises for your pup that can be done indoors, no matter how little time you have or how small your home is.

  1. Hide & seek
  2. Set up obstacle courses
  3. Use the stairs
  4. Tug of war
  5. Treat dispensing toys and puzzles

Hide & Seek is a personal favorite of ours - we ask Lyla to “sit & wait” in one room, we hide in another and repeat the words “find me” until she finds us for her healthybud reward!

Another option is to set up an at-home “obstacle course”. For example, you can use that old hula hoop and have your bud leap through it or you can create a tunnel for your bud to navigate using couch pillows or cushions. Games like these will challenge your dog both mentally and physically. Given the mental stimulation our dogs get from learning these games, only 30 minutes of training/playing a day can allow your dog to expend as much energy as a 2-hour walk.

Helpful Tips

  • Our dogs need restrictions, you should control when and for how long they engage in indoor activity and play.
  • Indoor activities shouldn’t take the place of your dogs daily walks.
  • You need to have the respect and control of your dog before engaging in games.

Keep In Mind

The list of the popular activities are only a handful of the ones that can played with your pup! We’d love to hear about the activities you come up with in the comments below, and be sure to check our instagram @healthybudco for more fun game ideas!