We all know treats make pups happy, especially when they do something great. There's more to treat selection than simply picking your pup's flavour of the day. We're diving paws-first into the world of training treats — where factors like behaviour, frequency, and even contrast come into play. Discover the secrets to treat success and elevate your training game in ways that will have your furry friend's tail wagging with joy!

🐾 Yummy Rewards

Picture this: your pup nails a command, and in comes the treat like a high-five for their good work. Quick tip: make that treat delivery swift and smooth. Pairing the treat with praise right after the desired behaviour helps your dog connect the dots faster than a game of fetch. Remember, consistency is your secret weapon. Start by treating every time your dog responds to a command, then gradually reduce the treats as they master the skills. This way, treats go from constant to occasional rewards.

⭐️ Size Matters

Want to speed up training? Go for small, soft treats. They're like speedy rewards for your pup's good behaviour. Big treats take longer to munch, and we want your pup to focus on learning, not chewing. Oh, and remember, just like we watch our snacks, keep an eye on your pup's calories too. Smaller treats or breaking big ones are like portion control champs. Look for treats like Healthybud's Freeze Dried Bites — they're the perfect small size (and are fully-balanced meals so you can feed your pup proportionately less at meal time!).

🌈 Contrast

Imagine treats as spotlights — the easier they are to spot, the faster your dog connects the behaviour to the reward. If your hand's the treat dispenser, go for a colour that stands out against your skin. Light skin, dark treat (hello, Healthybud Beef Lung). Dark skin, light treat (meet Healthybud Banana Crisps). Think along the same lines if you’ll be putting the treats on the floor. Pick light or bright colours for dark floors, and dark colours for light floors.

🍖 Mix It Up

Spice up training sessions with treat variety. Keep a handful of flavours at the ready — a treat treasure trove that keeps your pup on their toes, or should we say, paws? Mixing things up keeps the excitement alive, ensuring your furry student stays engaged and eager for the next tasty surprise.

🐶 Super Sniffs

Sniffing out success! Just like us, dogs are suckers for yummy smells. Soft treats boast a stronger scent, so opt for ingredients your pup adores. Trust us, a sniff-worthy treat adds extra oomph to training motivation. And in distracting environments, the delicious smell of a favourite snack, like Healthybud's mouth-watering Beef Joint Booster, will help keep your pup laser-focused.

💝 Fun Fact Alert

Here's a secret: some tricks need special treats. If your pup needs to stay calm or chill, pick a chewy treat like Healthybud Sweet Potato. It's like a tasty toy that keeps your pup busy.


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