Since November is national pet cancer awareness month, we thought it would be fitting to look at one of our ingredients that’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits: turmeric!  


Turmeric is a spice that can be found in cuisine as well as for its health benefits. Curcumin is a compound contained in turmeric that has anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help if your dog suffers from joint disease or arthritis, stomach issues, treatment of precancerous cells, as a pain reliever and to limit the side effects of steroids. It contains curcuminoids which are what give turmeric its golden hue, and are found in the root of the herb. However, the rest of the herb has been found to be beneficial as well! 

Main nutrients:


Turmeric contains manganese, iron, phosphorus, and potassium. Turmeric is also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Manganese helps with joint and bone health, aided by the curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory making turmeric a great choice for a dog suffering from arthritis or other joint diseases. Phosphorus is beneficial to bone and tooth health, and potassium is an electrolyte, critical to your pup’s system functioning properly. 


Curcumin is a strong antioxidant also, which is important to keep your dog in top condition. Check out  our previous blog about blueberries to learn more about what antioxidants are and how they help our dogs stay healthy.  

Other benefits:

Turmeric has been shown to help with skin issues due to its antimicrobial properties, as well as promote gastrointestinal health. Turmeric has been found to be very helpful in human trials to treat IBD (irritable bowel disease). Cancer occurs more frequently where chronic inflammation exists. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits help to limit this, and it has even been shown to have some promise in stopping the growth of pre-cancerous cells! Lastly, turmeric helps reduce swelling and redness which can provide pain relief to your dog. 

Fun fact:

Did you know that turmeric is closely related to ginger? If you want to read up on the benefits of this other superfood, you can check out our blog all about ginger! 


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Happy snacking, #healthygang!