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Is your dog sleeping in every photo you have of them – because it’s the only way you can get a pic that isn’t blurry? 

It can be tricky to get great pet pics because they are often moving…and might not understand your polite requests to look at the camera. So cute, but so frustrating!

However, there are some easy things you can do to up your photo success rate.  Read on for our 5 best tips and tricks for getting great pics of your dog.

🪑 Train your dog to sit – and stay

It seems obvious, but you’ll have so much more luck with getting non-blurry photos of your dog if you train them to sit and stay.

If your dog isn’t there yet, check out our blog post with training tips. Before you get started, pick up a high-value treat like healthybud’s Beef Lung to encourage – and reward! – your dog.

🐶 Take advantage of treats

Speaking of high-value treats, they can help you get great shots even after your dog has sit and stay mastered. Try holding your dog’s favourite treat just outside of the camera frame in order to get your dog to look in a certain direction for the photo. Just make sure your pup is able to stay sitting long enough to get the shot. (And that you give them the treat once you do, of course!)

👁️ Think about other useful commands

If you’re really committed to getting great photos of your pet, think about other commands that can help and add them to your training rotation.

For example, you might want to train your dog to look – a command to ask your dog to look in a particular direction. To train, hold a treat by your eye and say look. Give your pup the treat when they are looking at your face and have both eyes open. 

Other useful commands for photos are wait, down, and paw. Try the ones your dog already knows and see what you can capture!

🪨 Take advantage of objects

Use what’s around you and try putting your dog on something – a footstool, a log, a rock, etc. This might work better for smaller dogs, of course, but placing your pup on top of a secure object elevates them, making it easier to get the right angle. They also might be more inclined to stay put long enough for a photo and less likely to wander while you get set up. 

📸 Don’t forget to get candids

Posed photos are really cute, but remember to take advantage of great photo opportunities during the day. Make a point of taking photos during playtime, or when the light is great while you’re out for a walk. You never know what you’ll capture!


Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR, get familiar with the features of your camera! Many of them can help you get great shots of your dog. 

A few to look for:

  • A timer gives you time to pop into the shot yourself.
  • Increase the shutter speed to take photos more quickly, reducing blur.
  • Use burst mode to caption your pet in motion.
  • Wide angles are great for getting fun close-up shots. 
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