In celebration of Earth day this week, we’ve compiled some great tips on how to become a more eco-conscious pet parent. Check it out!

Poop Bags

The easiest switch is to go from plastic poop bags to compostable ones. Keep in mind: not all poop bags are created equal (and there isn’t a lot of regulation in the industry) so make sure that the company you choose isn’t just using buzzwords like “degradable”, but that they meet ASTM and USDA certifications. 

**It’s also important to pick up dog waste promptly, even in your own yard. Otherwise rainwater can spread contaminants and potentially even parasites. Not only does picking up after your pooch keep your yard looking (and smelling!) fresh, it helps keep our soil healthy! 


There are so many ways that you can make your toys fun for your dog while being earth conscious:

  1. Don’t overbuy! We like to spoil our furbabies, but they will be just as excited if you rotate their existing toys (tip: don’t leave them out and lying around when they’re not being used. This will create more excitement when you bring out the toy each time) 
  2. When buying new toys, choose those made with recycled material (and if possible, one that can be composted). 
  3. Get creative with your junk! You can make so many enrichment toys and activities with empty boxes, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, egg cartons, t-shirts - the list goes on! Just make sure that you are supervising you pup careful to make sure they don’t ingest anything they shouldn’t (just as you would with store-bought toys). 
  4. If you end up with a toy that is only gently used and your bud just doesn’t care for it, consider donating it to a rescue or shelter in need. 

Shop Local

Whether you’re looking for a new dog bed, coat, collar, or tag, consider shopping locally and supporting a small business. Find a business that is focused on ethically sourced materials. Keeping your shopping local reduces your carbon footprint if you don’t need items shipped worldwide, and avoids mass-produced materials that tend to be harder on the environment. 


We know pet nutrition can already be overwhelming without considering the environmental impact of what you are feeding your four-legged friend, but try to find a pet food company that uses sustainably-sourced ingredients. You can also look for recyclable packaging, and purchase in bulk as long as you will use the food before its expiry date. 

Also, consider what you put your dog’s food in! Purchase bowls made from a more sustainable material than plastic. 

Lastly, don’t overfeed your pet! Dog and cat food can be resource-heavy, so don’t use more of it than needed - both the planet and your dog’s health will benefit from being fed the proper portions. 

We know it can be overwhelming to make greener choices in your life...just remember that you don’t need to strive for perfection: any positive changes make an impact! If you have current items that are not the most eco friendly, it can sometimes be more green to continue using these items until the end of their life rather than immediately replacing them with a more sustainable option. And most importantly, make sure you and your pup get out, take in nature and enjoy the beauty of this planet and all it gives us!