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Tired of the tug-of-war during walks? We feel you! Not only is pulling frustrating for you, but it's not fun for your furry friend either. Instead of focusing on teaching your dog "not to pull," let's switch gears and make walking together an adventure. Enter the "Red Light / Green Light" game – a fun and effective way to teach your dog to walk right by your side. Say goodbye to the stress of walking and hello to more enjoyable walks with your bff!

The Game Plan

👅Step 1: Gear Up with Treats

Before you head on your walking adventure, gear up with some tasty treats in your pocket. These high rewards will be your secret weapon to improve  your dog's walking habits.

🛑Step 2: Red Light - Stop the Pulling

When your eager explorer starts pulling on the leash, it's time for a "Red Light" moment. Come to an immediate stop, stop in your tracks, and gently let your dog know that pulling doesn't get them anywhere. It's a mini pause to reset the pace and regain control.

🟢Step 3: Green Light - Call, Sit, Reward!

Now, it's time for the fun part – the "Green Light." Gently call your dog back to your side, ask for a sit, and reward their good behavior with a treat. This not only reinforces the concept of walking by your side but also adds an element of excitement to the game.

🎊Step 4: Reward on the Move

As you start walking again, keep the treats coming! Reward your pup while you're both in motion. This simple act strengthens the positive connection between walking by your side and tasty rewards, making it a winning combo.

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