It’s that fun time of year where we get to dress up and eat an excessive amount of sweets! While we of course need to keep those goodies as far away from our furry friends as possible, that doesn’t mean they can’t join in on the fun! 

  1. Bobbing for Balls

Get a large plastic or metal tub and fill it with lukewarm water. Throw in some tennis balls (hyperlink to our products), meat bones or any other plastic toy and let them float. If your pup is having trouble figuring out how to play, pufloating object under the water so it floats quickly to the top, while splashing around a bit. Get excited, and your pup will surely follow! 

  1. Trick-for-a-treat

We’re sure your pup is familiar with this one, but what better day to practise and learn tricks for treats than on howloween! Grab a bag of your pup’s favorite (and hopefully, healthy!) treats and get the tricks going!

  1. Muffin Tin Treat Hunt 

Grab a muffin tin, tennis balls and bite sized treats. (For standard size muffin tins, the tennis ball fits perfectly). Without your dog seeing, place treats randomly in the muffin holders and cover with a tennis ball. The goal of the game is to encourage your dog to sniff for the treats and try to dislodge the tennis ball to get the treats.

  1. Water Bottle Treat Dispenser

Grab a wide mouth water bottle, your pup’s favourite treats (the highest-value treat as they’ll have to work hard for this one!) and a foam ball that can fit through the water bottle hole. Fill the bottle with some of your dog’s favourite and most savoury treats (so that the smell will keep them working for it!) and then squeeze the stress ball or foam ball into the bottle. This is a fun way to keep your pup busy, engaged and working for those delicious treatos!

  1. Howl-o-ween agility course

Set up an agility course in your home or backyard with pet-safe Halloween decorations. Use items from around the house such as chairs, tables, sheets, and towels to create obstacles and tunnels. Each time they make their way through the course, give them a treat!

Keep In Mind

Don’t forget to keep those chocolates and sugary treats FAR away from your furry friend… We hope you and your pup have a fun and spooky howl-o-ween!