If you tuned in to our recent Instagram live, you heard Dr. Gabby Pagana chat with our co-founder Adrien about essential oils and our pets. There’s lots of ways that essential oils can safely be used around our four-legged family members. Here’s a list of some of the most popular essential oils and how you can incorporate these into both your and your buds lives! 


This essential oil is listed by Dr. Melissa Shelton, creator of animalEO, as her favourite essential oil, and is used in many of her blends. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits, and is recommended for treatment for a wide variety of issues such as arthritis, gastric conditions, urinary issues and more. Its mild scent means it isn’t offensive to many pets, with calming properties too! This oil contains high levels of β-Caryophyllene which is also found in cannabis and CBD products, so it has a similar effect on the cannabinoid receptors. Dr. Gabby adds just 1-2 drops in her arthritic dogs food each day to decrease pain & improve mobility too!!


When it comes to humans, lavender is often recommended for aiding in sleep and relieving stress but it can help do the same for our pups too! COVID-19 has put everyone under extraordinary stress, and separation anxiety for our pets is going to be a very real concern once we start leaving the house again. This oil can also help with skin irritations and allergies. This is a staple in Dr. Gabby’s daily routine for her and her pets, and in her multi-faceted anti-anxiety protocol for her patients too!


This powerful and sacred essential oil can be used in conjunction with lavender for its calming benefits. On its own, it can help boost the immune system, and has antimicrobial properties. Does your pup have a bald spot that could use a little TLC? Frankincense is also known for its benefits for hair growth and skin issues. As always dilute with a carrier oil (i.e. coconut oil) if using topically!! 


There are two different types of Chamomile oils - German and Roman. German Chamomile is great for allergies, topical treatment for skin irritations, and as a general anti-inflammatory. Roman Chamomile can help our nervous pups to feel a little calmer, and also give them relief for cramps, muscle pains, and even teething pain! 


Not only does this oil give all the winter feels with its wonderful scent, it acts as an antispasmodic so if your pup suffers from motion sickness or has an upset tummy, this oil can be very beneficial! Pair this oil with healthybud’s gut booster https://www.healthybud.co/shop/turkey-gut-booster-dog-treats and kiss your dog’s tummy troubles goodbye! Peppermint can also be a mood booster, and promote healthy airways for your bud! It’s also a popular choice for repelling pests such as fleas. This powerful oil is also great as a topical treatment for muscle soreness and back pain, and is even used in natural dog (and human!) oral healthcare products - talk about a multi-purpose oil!

Now, how can you use these oils with your pets? Here are a couple of our favourite ways:

  • Diffusing which includes passive diffusion (such as when it is applied to your skin, organic cotton balls, and the like so it can waft to your pet) or water-based diffusers that diffuse the oil into the air.
  • Adding it to their drinking water or diet. You should dilute the oil, and start with a small amount. Make sure to use non-plastic containers if you’re going this route! If you are going to add oils to their water or diet, make sure to consult with your veterinarian first as this method can be a bit riskier. 
  • Topically which can involve putting the oil on your hands and petting your pet, or by diluting the oil and misting it. Keep in mind that some pets may be nervous being misted with water and can be sensitive if you use too much!

There’s lots of ways to safely incorporate essential oils to help your pet thrive, but always make sure to speak to your veterinarian before adding something new into your routine and start with small amounts. The quality of the oil you are using is also super important, so make sure you are researching this before committing to a brand! animalEO is a great brand that is designed specifically for pets and is both a veterinarian-owned and researched company. If you missed our previous blog post listing some of the common essential oils that are toxic for our animals, check it out here! https://www.healthybud.co/blog/are-essential-oils-toxic-to-pets